Friday, October 12, 2007

Little Boosts

In my last post I wrote about how my doctor was very surprised at my weight gain in the 4 weeks between visits. Ever since then, I have been feeling very self conscious and pretty down in the dumps about this body of mine. I didn't have so much of that problem with my first pregnancy. Granted, we had only been married a month and I was probably the smallest I'd ever been when I got pregnant, so when I delivered Grant I still didn't weigh as much as I had before I lost all of the weight before my wedding. Anyway, having been pretty heavy and never wanting to be back there, the comment my doc made has really really been bothering me. Apparently, God knew I needed a boost. Today at Target, while looking at maternity clothes (you know when you're feeling bad about yourself, buy new clothes!) a lady that was not pregnant said is it just me or are all of the maternity clothes out there kind of blah right now? I told her I couldn't agree more. She then asked me when I was due, and when I told her January 8th, she said wow. Then she told me I was so small and that her daughter, who is not due until March was alot bigger than me. Her daughter could weigh 400 lbs for all I know, but it sure did make me feel better. I'm not small, and I'm not ashamed of my belly (more like my rear), but regardless, it's funny how you find just what you need in unsuspecting places.

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  1. I thought that you looked great the other day at church!