Friday, June 29, 2007


Irritated: Function: adjective: subjected to irritation; especially : roughened, reddened, or inflamed by an irritant

This is how I'm feeling today...for no particular reason. Do you ever have a day that just feels all wrong? That's my day today. There is nothing wrong, but nothing really great going on either. We don't really have any plans for the weekend (for which I'm grateful), but that also means I should have time to clean the toilets. That's not exactly something to get excited about. As long as I'm busy, I can just say I haven't had time to get to that (I also say that about the floors, and the dusting). It just seems that everyone around me is grinding on that last nerve, and I am trying not to react. Just short answers, that's all, now leave me alone. Plus, I have a headache and I'm trying really hard not to reach for caffeine. It seems to be the best cure, but I've also been noticing my heart racing some, so trying to get to zero per day instead of one. I feel like I have no reason to complain, so I'm trying not to voice my frustration anywhere but here today. I've read almost an entire book today, and the bad part is that it's really not that great of a read (and I'm at work). That's the other bad thing. I've had very little to do lately, no projects going and all of the bank statements have been opened and if not balanced, at least checked off. So, I'm in need of something to keep me busy. I need some ideas for some work at home thing that I can do while I'm at work. Sounds like a plan, right? Just gotta find it! Any ideas.

On another note, please check out this website:

Ethan Powell was diagnosed with leukemia at a routine 2 month checkup, and is coming up on some very crucial days in his battle to beat this disease. I have been following Ethan's journey since February sometime, and it has really touched me. I don't think you can ever imagine having a sick child and how much it would hurt you until you have children of your own. Now, every story of an ill or hurting child just breaks my heart. Little Ethan's parents have been amazing sources of strength for me, even though I've never even spoken to them personally. The way that they've stayed totally committed to prayer is amazing. Really when you think about it, what else is there besides God and prayer when it comes to a situation like that? I just hope that I could be 1/2 what they are if put in the situation (and I pray, dear God, that I never am). Ethan is apparently having some issues breathing right now, and I think that has me down a little too. I don't doubt what God can do, and I believe with my whole being that God hears our prayers to heal this baby. However, the doubting part of me is so afraid that the next blog will be the one I cannot bear to read. God has already done so much through little Ethan and through his parents, Ben and Becky. Maybe that was God's plan. I just pray that God will heal Ethan so that he can live to tell the story of his awful battle as an infant, and that his parents will be able to tell everyone they know about the power of prayer that they have witnessed first hand. Please keep the entire Powell family in your prayers, and please ask God to heal Ethan!

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