Thursday, June 14, 2007

Living with the Doodlebops!

That's right. I feel like I live with these 3 crazy characters. My son is officially obsessed with them! So much so, that it's the first thing he says when he wakes up in the morning, and it's the only way to get him to leave certain places (ie the park, or just outside). The promise of these goofy characters either on the TV or on CD is enough to coax him to do just about anything. I must admit they are pretty good babysitters, but I've had just about all I can stand of the Doodlebops pledge and Get on the Bus. The funniest thing is that Grant knows all the words to the songs. He sings them over and over, even when he's not watching them. I guess there are worse things to be repeating other than "I promise to share, I promise to care" and on and on... if he only knew what all those words meant. Maybe one day we'll get to see what's really on television and/or the radio, but for now our every waking hour seems to be filled with Dee Dee, Rooney, and Mo!

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