Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 weeks and counting

Well it's official, there's a baby in there. Pookie and I went to the doctor this morning for my second visit. The visit started off with a bang... I didn't gain any weight! I know that the pounds will come soon enough, but it doesn't hurt to enjoy 4 weeks without gaining. Especially since I know it will probably be the one and only month that I don't gain weight for quite awhile. After that, they tried to find the heartbeat with no success, so luckily they did an ultrasound, and there was the little peanut. The heartbeat was 171 and the tech said it was good size for where we are. She said it showed the due date as Jan 8th not the 10th, but we're just going to leave the countdown to the 10th. I'm sure by then I'll be hoping for an earlier date, but for now the later the better! I guess we have to officially let everyone know now. I was pretty excited to tell everyone last time, but for some reason, I'm a nervous wreck with this one. I'm sure I'll get my nerve up in the next week or so.

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