Wednesday, June 27, 2007

too tired...

That's right I'm too tired! I know I was tired when I was pregnant with my little guy, but I do not remember feeling this bad. Of course, that may be because I could go home and go to bed at 7 o'clock if I wanted to, and those days are long gone. After a horrible night of no sleep on Monday night, I decided that I could not sleep in the bed with Grant on Tuesday night. You see we've tried many times to get him to sleep in his room, but it never lasts. The main reason is that I have to stay in his room until he's asleep, and many times I end up asleep before he does because it just takes sooo long. Everyone says that you have to give it a couple of weeks to become routine, but I just haven't had the willpower to stick with it yet. It always seems that there's something on the horizon that's going to ruin our efforts shortly after starting, and this time isn't any different, so I'm thinking.. should I just put it off a little longer?!

Last night was awful, he was excited about going to his room until he realized we weren't turning the lights on and playing. Then, he just let loose. He was actually crying for his daddy, which he seldom does, and while trying to calm him I was singing. This only seemed to make things worse. He just kept yelling, "no mommy, no mommy." I actually stayed unbelievable calm with him, which is truly not my nature, but I was so tired that I don't think I had the energy to do anything else. Finally, around 10:20, he actually fell asleep. It wasn't that he ever gave in, I just think he wore himself out. Then around 4 am, I heard, "mommy." Pookie actually went in when he started yelling, and then he started screaming because it wasn't me. Of course, as soon as he was in bed with me, hair in hand, he stopped and went right to sleep. I'm really at a loss for what to do, but I know that this has got to end soon. I have no belly at this moment, but I'm already uncomfortable, hot, etc. I know that in a few months, there just won't be enough room for Pookie, myself, my belly, and Grant. Maybe I should just sleep in the guest room after I get Grant to sleep. I'm sure there are worse things in life, but right now, I am really suffering because of this.

Yesterday was daddy's birthday, and Grant loved singing Happy Birthday to daddy. He cracks me up, and he is talking and singing so well. I wish I could catch every moment on tape so that we could go back and listen to him when he's older. He called a lemon a watermelon on Monday'd think lemon would be easier to say, but who knows what goes through their little minds. I just try to remember to cherish every moment. I can't even fathom that I'm going to have to split my attention between two of them soon. He's so much fun now, and I don't want to miss a thing!

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