Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kid's Rooms

Once again, I'm on Kelly's bandwagon and showing you rooms in our home. This week, it's all about the kiddos' rooms. I've posted most of their room on here before, but here I go again.

First, is Grant's room. Both of their bedrooms are pretty small, so we utilize just about every inch in them. I cannot wait to have a bigger house with a "bonus" room to stash toys in!

This is the view from the door into Grant's room.
another angle from the same side..just showing his name on the wall. i got these from a lady on ebay and i love them. they coordinate with his bedding perfectly. i love his bedding. i've gone the sports route with it, even though the actual bedding has no sports balls on it. i found some other pbk pillows that kind of coordinated, but i love that we could totally go nautical if i decided to without changing the quilt and it's not too little boyish. i need help here..should i hang something above his bed?? i feel like i tend to hang too much stuff on walls, and i don't want to do that. would it be too cluttered with something there?
and these, my friend, are my saving grace! his bed has 4 huge drawers underneath and two shelves in the back. the shelves are full of stuffed animals. i hate those things, but somehow they keep accumulating. the other 4 drawers are full of toys & games and the nightstand is chock full of puzzles.
view sitting on the bed. i got the signs off of ebay, and the baseball was mine growing up. it has lots of famous baseball players' autographs. you'd be impressed if i told you who all was on there..promise!
at the foot of the bed...plaques off of ebay, handprint Grant made at MDO, more toys, and of course, his flat screen. he only watches movies on it, and i bet we only use it once every 2 weeks or so. he also has his v-smile hooked up to it, but now that we have a Wii, i doubt it will get much use.
Now, Claire's room. Her room is the perfect shade of lavendar. I think it's called Petunia Tint, and I love it! It's so bright and happy! She is using Grant's old furniture, even though I REALLY wanted white for a girl. I couldn't justify it since we already had everything, but when she moves into a "big girl bed," we're definitely getting white!
view of bed from the door, with the sign that kim painted for her. i've actually moved the bed to a different wall since i last posted pics to accomodate, what else, toys!
next to the bed. our rocker is the perfect size i think & it's a nice color too. at one point, we actually had it in our living room & it went really well. hopefully, we will still be able to use it once our nursery days are over..still not sure if we're there or not :-)! claire's newborn foot prints are on that plate in the background. they were so tiny!!

this is the one thing i don't think i've posted pics of previously. i love this shelf. there had been one online at pbk for FOREVER that my mom ordered me for christmas. when i got it, it was too long and the door would open into it! i was so sick about it, until i went to trusty old Target (where I'd looked a hundred times or more for one) and found a Shabby Chic shelf that I actually liked a bit better, was cheaper, and fit perfectly. It holds a mini tea set, her piggy bank, and a little vase that i've had as long as i can remember. the pic above it is one that courtney did at her newborn session and it has all of her stats on it and the verse James it!

the pictures that took FOREVER to hang! the things they sent to hang these with were so not strong enough & resulted in a gigantic hole in the wall the 1st time around! i fixed it, went to the store & got my own anchors & started over. i love them, but i dread the day that we take them down! and all the girl's hairbows on the one crafty thing i did for her room that took all of 2 minutes! this is our 2nd lampshade for his lamp because claire, in one of her fits, kicked that little basket really hard & knocked the lamp off and destroyed the previous one!

That's it! Next week is offices, but we don't have one anymore. We have Claire's room instead! I may do a tour of my hallway instead :-)!!


  1. Very nice! Love the purple room! :)

  2. I love these rooms!! they are so pretty and you have done a great job! You have such a beautiful family!

  3. Both of their rooms are too cute! I love the little feet prints on the plate!!!

  4. Love their rooms! I love the purple - I thought about purple for Carolina's room originally with a bumper from Land of Nod, but it didn't really go with the chair we had! And even though we DO have a playroom, both kids have toys overflowing in their rooms! Love all the stuff off of ebay!

  5. Thanks for visiting our room and for the sweet comment. Your rooms are precious and I love the purple walls. The art above her changing table is awesome!

  6. Hi! Came across your blog on Kelly's Home Tour and had to email b/c my 5 yr old's name is Grant and my 10 yr old girl is Bentley Claire! So...obviously LOVE your name choices!! Very cute rooms also!!! My Grant's room is vintage baseball and Bentley's is Hawaiian.
    :)Keri in South Carolina

  7. Both rooms are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Both rooms are great. Love the lavender and sage.