Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Dining Room...and everything else I missed!

if you don't know about Kelly's blog, then you must live under a rock. she has been showing us one of the rooms in their house every friday and added the linky for others to do the same. i've been wanting to do this all along, but never have time for posts like this...that and my house is rarely picture worthy enough to want to post large images of it online! last week in a 'clean' moment, i took some shots, so here we go. this week is actually dining rooms, but she's already done kitchens and living rooms so i'm including those too. basically, my dining, kitchen and living rooms are one big open area, so i figure that makes it ok :-)!
come along on my little tour...

front door foyer table with wedding pic above this one! the 1st kitchen you come to belongs to Miss Prissliving area
another view where all the toys hide..between the couch & bookcase & on the bookcase!
kitchen - this is a view from right inside the front door

one of my favorite things in the kitchen/dining/living area is my drapes. a lady that works with my mom made them right after we moved in & i love them. i like VERY simple drapery, although i appreciate the fancy ones. they're just not my style.
and my least favorite kitchen item - the refrigerator covered with who knows what! i try to eliminate things every now & then, but it always just piles back up!
different angle

and another
another one of my fav-o-rite things is these little Norman Rockwell plates that my grandfather gave me shortly before he passed away. they all say things about a different European city, and i LOVE Europe!
FINALLY...the dining room - view from the island
dining area - view from living area. yes, there are different things on the table. i decided to move the bowl of pears onto the island after this picture and put something else on the table. i just need votives for it!
and this is what happened while i left claire eating her breakfast to take these pictures (all but the dining area ones).

thanks for stopping by! i've already taken pictures of the kids' rooms for next weeks little tour so hopefully i'll be on time then! have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!


  1. Beautiful home! I love the layout of your kitchen....and all the "stuff" on the fridge, that's how all fridge's should look like with little people around. :)

  2. Looks great! It's never too late! :) I like the openness of your house . . . and my fridge is way worse than yours! :)

  3. cute! i love your house. and i will gladly trade refrigerators with you...duct tape? hello? i may try to get on board with the kids' rooms tour next week...i get sucked in and look at everyone's rooms for hours on kelly's blog. like i have nothing else to do :)