Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Quick Funny

i WILL do the birthday post, but it will take some time to upload, edit, choose, etc. so give me a few days! i just had to share this quick conversation grant & i had on Sunday night. one of his favorite questions to ask is, "Where are we going today (or tomorrow)?" so Sunday night i was getting him ready for bed and he asked me where we were going tomorrow. i told him we were all staying home because it was a holiday. He then said, "Mom are we celebrating Kwanzaa?" i about died laughing. he really didn't get it because he was totally serious. when i explained that no, Kwanzaa was around Christmas, he asked if we were celebrating that other holiday with the candles. i knew what he was talking about, but all i could say is no, that's a Jewish holiday. he kept asking me what it was called & although i know what it is, the word just would not come to me. it was LATE & it had been a LONG few days!! about an hour later when we were laying in his bed, he said, "Mom, I think it's called Hanukkah." Why, yes, yes it is, but no that's still not why we're home. he doesn't really get the whole war / military thing just yet, even though i tried to explain it. the way his little mind works (ALL OF THE TIME!!) totally cracks me up (except when i'd like to be sleeping)!


  1. That is too cute. He knows all of his holidays! :)

  2. That is too funny! Lawton asks me every day where we are going . . . he likes to be on the move! We stayed at home today because I desperately needed to clean house and do tons of laundry, so I heard "Where are we going today?" about twelve times . . . finally a walk around the block satisfied him!