Monday, September 17, 2007

Dora to the Rescue!

So after a rather lengthy post on Friday about my lack of sleep, I resorted to desperate measures. My plan was to find a doll with hair to replace my ratty mane! After picking up Grant from his sitter's, we went to Kmart with a mission. We settled on Buenas Noches Dora. Grant has just recently started getting into Dora, so I thought it would be perfect.. plus she had hair. It's short and black, rather than long and blond, but hey, it's hair! Only problem with the thing is that she never shuts up, so we had to turn her off for him to actually go to sleep. Three nights later, and we are batting 1000! He has slept in his bed solo three nights in a row, only waking 1 time on Friday night and zero times the other two. I think everyone in the family is having a much better day today than we had on Friday, all courtesy of Dora!

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