Tuesday, September 25, 2007

At the End of a Rainbow

Yesterday on my way home from work, I saw several rainbows. It was clear when I left work, and in the 11.5 miles between my office and my babysitter's house, the weather was dramatically different. I could see one partial rainbow before I ever got to any rain, but it started raining really hard a few miles before I got to "nanny's" house. As I got closer, it looked like I was going to drive right into this rainbow. It was the craziest thing, kind of like a dream. I think it ended on the street right in front of me, but as I was driving, it was kind of like I couldn't get through it. It just appeared to keep going. It was making driving difficult because it was pouring down rain, but the reflection from the rainbow was so bright in my eyes. Apparently, no one was anywhere around me because I probably would've hit them because it was a very unique experience and my attention was not focused on driving. The only disappointment was that I didn't find a pot of gold. I could really use one right now!! Better luck next time, I guess. After I picked Grant up, it had pretty much stopped raining, but there was a huge rainbow that appeared to go right over the main street in town. I think it was the first one that Grant had ever seen. He was so excited and very disappointed when we could no longer see it. He kept saying he needed the different colors back. If I'd had my camera, I would've taken a picture. It was beautiful!

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  1. We had a beautiful rainbow this summer. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was also the first rainbow that Joshua and Abby Kate had ever seen. They immediately started talking about Noah. They still talk about the rainbow that they saw. They assume that we will always see one.

    I wish that I had been able to visit with you more this past Sunday. We had such a great time.