Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And Shine it Did

We had the most beautiful weekend here with highs in the 60's on Saturday and Sunday. The kiddos enjoyed finally getting to play outside without any jackets. (They do have them on in these pics but this was Fri evening right before sunset & it was cooler.). I got a little tree trimming in, and had the windows up most of the weekend airing out the house. I haven't spent much time outside in a long time, and now I realize just how much work there is to do. I wish someone would buy our house before it's time to do all of that stuff! It was a little glimpse of spring, and boy am I ready for warmer weather?! Now, it's freezing again. I even saw some flurries today, which were not at all welcome here! It was great while it lasted, and I hope there's another break in the freezing temps soon!!

Grant is finally swinging on his own. Last year, he swore he couldn't do it alone, although I think he just like someone out there with him.

My brother & his girlfriend were in for the weekend so the kids were entertained all weekend long. They even spent the night with them at my mom's & we got to sleep until 7:30 Sat morning & then go to the gym together. It was so nice!

Just had to post this because her hair totally cracks me up. The sun was setting behind her hair & it was FULL of static from the swing. So funny!

As you might've seen above, I'm moving my blog to another address. I'll probably completely remove this blog over the weekend if things go as planned. The new address is above.

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