Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yeah, that was me...

On the radio this morning that is. I love the Big 98 and listen every morning. I often try to get through for contests, but of course, I never do. This morning, they were taking requests if you had a song that you want to hear, but weren't sure of the name of it or who sung it, etc. It was kind of obscure, but perfect. There's this song that Gerry House played several times awhile back, which I believe one of his songwriter friends wrote that is something about an April Fool. Well, I loved it, but haven't heard it in a really long time. Searching online is useless because nothing that I want comes up. So I called in and requested it. Well, apparently the name of the song is April I knew too much about the song. SO, my dilemma still isn't solved. He didn't tell me who sings the stinkin' song and he wouldn't play it b/c I knew the title (even though I didn't know it was the title)! As you can imagine, he had fun with my name. He actually said it sounded like a chauffeur's name. I really contemplated using an alias so that everyone I know wouldn't realize it was me, but I didn't. So if you know what song I'm talking about, help a sista out and tell me who sings it!!

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  1. your uncle thinks it's Collin Raye!