Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Our computer bit the dust Friday, hopefully just temporarily but that remains to be seen. I believe we’re paying both for letting our 3 year old click away and also for letting things slide a bit. We think we got a virus, and are now have a friend trying to extricate it. We’ll see what happens! I suffered major withdrawals all weekend long from email and blog reading. I never realized how much I think about it until I couldn’t do it for 2 whole days. Grant suffered too. He asks every day when the computer will be back from the dr. He does not get it! It’s a good thing though. I would probably be great if I didn’t get it back for the whole holiday weekend, although I’m secretly hoping that won’t be the case. I was really looking forward to the sales online both on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. Internet shopping is a little addiction! I seriously should unsubscribe to every store’s email list because when I get those special sales emails, it is all I can do not to buy something because it’s such a great deal….at least that’s what they’re telling me! I’d never looked so forward to a Monday as I did this past one just to be able to check my email – like some long lost friend might be searching for me. I guess with Facebook, this could happen. Although, I can’t imagine who would miss me enough to do that. I think I pretty much keep in touch with all of those folks! So, here’s to hoping we get our computer back tomorrow and that it can be fixed! A new computer was not on my Christmas wishlist, and I really don’t want to add it! If not, don’t think I’m above going to my mom’s and hijacking her internet connection. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!

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  1. It's so hard being without the internet. I find out just how obsessed I am when I have to be without it. I do tend to get more things done without the distraction. Sometimes though, I really need that distraction!