Friday, November 14, 2008

They're Back...

Remember this post about my favorite holiday treat? Well, on a quick run into Kroger last night, Grant yelled, "Mommy there's some cakes that look like Christmas trees!" I was in a hurry and not feeling so hot (sinus infection I think), but those words stopped me dead in my tracks and I backed up to see the beautiful little boxes. I showed some restraint and only bought 1 box, since, after all, I'm not pregnant this year. I figure I can't blame them on a craving! Even though I can't taste anything right now due to this yuck all in my head, I still ate one last night just for the texture. I know that's super weird, but there's something about that little crystallized sugar on top that I L-O-V-E!! Why are these the only Little Debbies with that stuff on them??? I'm pretty sure they don't have to be shaped like Christmas trees to warrant some sugar sprinkles. I'd eat them shaped like anything! Maybe I should email them.


  1. I love these, too! And I agree with you - I love the texture! You're not weird!

  2. we're already one box down at our house this year and the little debbie season has just begun!!!

  3. Another reason to be glad to be pregnant this year:) I literally buy a box almost everytime I am at the store during the holiday season. We are polishing off our first box this week!