Friday, November 7, 2008

Long Week

It has been a horribly long week around here. Monday started off with a bang at 5 am when Grant started throwing up. That continued all day long. He quit doing that early Monday evening, but continued to run a fever and look totally drained. Tuesday, I ended up taking him to nanny's so I could go to work. I thought he was on the road to recovery, only to discover his temperature was 103 when I picked him up that afternoon. Weds. we made our way to the dr. We had an appt for a recheck of his ears on Thursday, so I just bumped it up a day to see what the heck is going on with him. Well, same ear...same story, still really infected. Thursday, I'd planned to work from home, and I did. I worked my butt off. I feel like when I work from home it has to be non stop just so they know I actually did work while I was here. Then, last night about 11 Claire woke up coughing and crying. I've been letting her cry it out, but I could tell something was wrong. I went in her room to discover she'd thrown up all over her bed. That continued for awhile, and then nonstop crying ensued until around 4 am! I am really hoping that I don't get fired from my job :-)!! Seeing how I've been "in" the office only about 8 hours all week long. I've worked from home a bit each day, but there's only so much I can do here. Claire seems better now, other than that she's fussy and not eating. I'm fussy too..unfortunately I can't stop eating! Here's to hoping the weekend is throw up free!!

Staying home with Grant Monday is why I actually had the chance to redo my blog. I like the design, but I'm not totally thrilled with the name. I need some help. Anyone have an idea for a catchy name for my blog? Seems like something with Summar in it would be easy to come up with, but not for me! I'd love to hear any ideas you have. I don't know when I'll ever have time to take the day and do that again, but I'm getting a little better (and quicker) at making these things!


  1. I love your new blog! I can't find anything I like to redo mine. I like the title!

  2. cute blog! mine is so boring, but i just can't get motivated to do anything about it :) sounds like you have had a miserable week. so sorry! we missed you at bunco. hope everyone has a much better weekend!

  3. BLESS. YOUR. HEART. What a miserable week for everyone! I hope the kiddos are doing better and you and Pookie don't get it! I love your new look - and the name! How did you do your name at the bottom?