Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quiet Times

I don't know that I've ever posted at night before. Usually by this time, I'm sound asleep, either in my own bed or in Grant's. Tonight I purposely stayed awake in Grant's bed because I thought I'd have a little while until I was tired. I started getting kiddos to bed around 8:20 and have just finished. Claire went down easily, but she's woken up twice since.. I think her belly was hurting because she burped both times. Grant on the other hand needs no sleep I've determined. The child could stay up all night long. So I've been laying in his bed with him for over an hour. I know that we need to find another way to do bed time. I'm looking for suggestions. He slept with us for so long that he has a hard time going to sleep without me. He sleeps in his bed fine now almost every night, but I still have to lay with him until he's asleep. I would really like to just read to him and then say good night and him go to sleep on his own. Any advice is appreciated! We will definitely not make the same mistake with Claire.

Anywho! It's back to work on Thursday. I'd love to say I can't wait, but I'd be lying. Warmer weather has whetted my appetite for outdoor things right before going back. I knew that would happen! I thought I would have time these last 2 weeks to get stuff together for a yard sale, but it hasn't happened. Maybe I can get it together before the end of the summer. It's such a hassle, but it needs to be done. I've barely been home at all during the day these last few weeks, and it looks like this week will be no exception. We already have lots planned....trying to savor every last minute of my break!

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