Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Land of Why

This is where we live right now. Grant says "Why?" after everything you say. It's driving me crazy, even though I know it's normal. I feel like I need to give him an answer, but lots of time there is no answer to the why. I just finished reading Parenting by the Book by John Rosemond. It provided some valuable information and I feel like we'll be changing the way we do lots of things around our house. I had no idea we were doing so much wrong. I learned alot and hopefully I can now teach and lead more effectively.. we'll see. One thing the book didn't address is never ending whys of an almost 3 year old! How long does this stage last?

Here's a picture of my cuties after one of our daily walks at the park. Aren't they cool in their shades?! Yes, Claire actually keeps hers on. Everyone we pass comments on them when she wears them, it's hilarious!


  1. I LOVE that picture!!! (We have the same carseat/stroller.)

    I have a good friend that has highly recommended Rosemond's book. I might have to read it when we get away.

    The "why" is still going strong around here. I am with you on always having to give an answer, too. I've read that you don't always HAVE to give an answer, but I just can't do that.

  2. Welcome to what we like to call "Why World." My understanding it never ends. Now it just why are the tress green etc...In about 10 years it's why are you so mean all friends are going why can't I......
    By the way I always answer too.

    Love the pic.

  3. "why" is a favorite here too. lilly especially likes to use it if she sees someone with a handicap, cast, cane, large mole, WHATEVER! it's terrible.
    i know from teaching that it doesn't get any better!
    i would love to borrow that book--i have been wanting to read it. the pics are precious! i can't believe claire keeps her sunglasses on! mamie rips them off before i can even get them on right.

  4. Those shades are hilarious!

    And "why" is still a big question around here...after nearly thirteen years. The why's get harder to answer as the years go by. I guess kids don't take things at face value.