Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to the Grind

Well I'm back at work today. I've been up since a little after 5 am, which is truly uncharted territory for me. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get everything done if I wasn't ready before everyone else started waking up. We did pretty well this morning, but it will be interesting to see how tired I am this afternoon. Pookie was in Las Vegas until last night and I'd had nightmares every night about someone being in our house the whole time he was gone. I didn't really think I was scared to stay by myself, but apparently my dreams indicate otherwise. So, at least I slept much sounder last night without any crazy dreams.

Grant had Mother's Day Out this morning, so we could leave a little later today than we will most other days. I had to pick sweet Claire up out of her bed to get her ready. She was SOOOO happy this morning. It was precious. I so hated that I didn't have the time to sit and talk to her and watch her smile and coo. I know she's in good hands, and she's probably thankful that I'm at work because it means she won't have to ride in her car seat for at least 6 straight hours! I've been dragging her all over the world lately. I've already called to check in on her this morning, and she was doing great.

Claire had her 3 month pictures taken yesterday. You can see them here. Click on customers, and the password is summar. She did ok, but I think 3 months is so awkward! They can't sit up, but if you sit her down, she immediately tries to sit up. You lay her on her belly and she starts sucking on whatever she's laying on or tries to roll over. It was interesting. I didn't use the same photographer that I used for Grant's panel, but this is the guy we've gone to for Grant since he was 18 months and we've loved everything he's done. He has so many gorgeous outdoor settings, but I'm such a sucker for black and white baby photography, which is what the lady we went to with Grant specialized in. I haven't decided how I feel about these. Some are sweet, but I'm not thrilled. I always just loved Grant's so much. Maybe it was because he was my first... I don't know. Is it crazy that I'm thinking about taking her to the other lady too? I really need to refrain and save my money! I always rationalize it by saying they'll only be this age once.

Only 3 more hours in my day...I'm counting down. Although, it's been nice to have adult conversation and the morning has flown by. I'm getting hungry now though, and I'm missing my stocked home refrigerator. Sonic is across the street and it's an awful thing when you want to lose at least 5 more pounds!


  1. i'm proud of you for making it out of the house on time--that is SO hard for me with little ones. good luck with going back. at least you have someone you trust to keep them--that's wonderful. i can't wait to look at the pictures of claire. 3 mos. is hard. mine were never very good at that age. see ya!

  2. The pictures are beautiful! I don't know how you are going to pick one!!!