Monday, February 11, 2008

One Month Old

I'm typing one handed so this will be short. Little Miss has a cold and can't breathe when I lay her down so I've carried her around with me all day long. It's pretty pitiful when they're so little and have so much snot! She was one month old yesterday. My how time flies! Here's a picture of the 1 month old:

She and her big brother are getting along better these days. Thank goodness!! They even had their first bath together last week.

They also enjoyed some quality play time together.

More later!


  1. So sweet! I'm glad that Grant is adjusting better. Those are such sweet brother/sister pictures.

  2. She is growing so fast! I looked at Claire's pictures, but didn't have a pen when I looked the first time (and was too lazy to get up to get one), and when I went back just now, I can't! They were all so precious! I really don't know how you will pick! Sorry but I'm not much help . . . Good luck!

  3. so cute! i can't believe it's been a month already. she's precious.