Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farmer Jason Fun!!

To say it's been a busy few weeks would be a huge understatement!! I am thoroughly exhausted, but also super excited about things that have been going on. You may have noticed that I've been taking LOTS of pictures lately of others! I've still got a slew of things things to do to be "official," but I'm getting close, which is super exciting!! So, as I've said before if you or anyone you know needs a photographer, please get in touch with me!!

Back to the subject at hand...about 2 weeks ago, we went to a Farmer Jason concert. I had no clue what he sang, but knew the kids see him on PBS sometimes and love him. His songs are clever & catchy, and we had a wonderful time!!

Grant & Molly waiting for the show to start
When FJ first came out, Claire freaked. She was screaming "Let's go home!" over and over again. It worries me a little bit, because we have a trip to Disney planned & if she's scared of a man with a guitar what is she going to think of a giant mouse?!
At one point, they told all of the kids to come down to the front & do the "doggie dance" in the aisle. The guy in the blue hat, who from what I gathered is his entertainment attorney, judged the "dance-off" and he picked Grant as the winner! They pulled him up on stage & he won a Farmer Jason DVD, which worked out great because we brought zero cash to buy ANYTHING!!
I cannot tell you how many times that DVD has been watched since this concert. Claire is obsessed with it. Her favorite song is Punk Rock Skunk, and I could listen to her say those words over and over. It's that cute!!

Have a great week!!

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