Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lady A

Last week, I took Grant to his 1st concert (that wasn’t a kiddie performer). My kids LOVE Lady Antebellum. They get this honestly because I do too, but as tends to be the trend in my household, anything they like they become obsessed with. That is definitely the case with Lady A. We listened to their 1st CD all of the time, and when the 2nd one came out last month; I bought it the 1st day. It has rarely been out of my CD player in the car since. We listen to it over and over and over again. Both Claire & Grant know the words to most all of the songs. Their favorites are definitely “Need You Now” and “Love This Pain” (#6 on the CD, but not released as a single), but we listen to the entire CD and they know bits and pieces to every one of them! Claire’s first words when she gets in the van in the afternoons are usually, “I listen to Need You Now (or Love This Pain).” Claire regularly sings both songs when she’s trying not to go to sleep at night..so funny!! I have to admit that as much as I love the CD, I’m so over Need You Now! It’s on the radio every time I turn it on, and we listen to it constantly in the car!

Anywho! When I heard that they were going to be playing here, I knew I had to take Grant. I won a spot at their Meet & Greet at a radio station back in August, and Pookie & I went. It was great. We got to meet them, get our picture made with them & they played a few songs. I just knew that I should’ve taken Grant because he loved them so much, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Luckily, I got online right at 10 am and got tickets when they went on sale. Apparently, they sold out super quick & lots of people I know weren’t so lucky.

Before the concert, we went to dinner with friends at PF Chang’s. Grant spiced it up with a little noodle throwing. I should’ve known not to take him there! We got there just before it was supposed to start, but of course, it was late. Then they introduced some other guests, one of which was Josh Kelley, Charles’ (of Lady A) brother. He is married to Katherine Heigl. I wish I would’ve spotted her, and it would’ve been an even more awesome night! Grant was the only kid I saw at the entire concert, and he was totally bored during the opening acts because he didn’t know their songs. He totally cracked me up because he made friends with everyone around us, from the people on the elevator in the parking garage, folks in line, and everyone sitting around us. He scored some mini oreos from the lady next to him, and the guy in front of us offered to buy him a drink & a snack. So funny! He doesn’t know the meaning of stranger!

this pic is at the ryman right before the concert started...love that nostril flare (he is so his daddy!)

When Lady A finally took the stage, he was ecstatic. They sang a great mix of songs from the old album and the new one. However, we were both super disappointed that they didn’t sing “Love This Pain” from the new one, since it’s one of our favorites. He kept telling me to take another picture, take another picture.

Our seats were kind of in an odd place, right behind a column so we stuck pretty close to one side. We stood up through the entire show, and he stood on the back of the row in front of us while leaning on me. We were both hot, sweaty messes by the time we left. It happened to be an absolutely gorgeous night outside though, so it was great walking back to the car.


He had a blast and so did I! I’m so glad we got to make those memories together. I wish someone else could’ve captured the look on his face singing along to EVERY song, but it was so dark & I hesitate to ask anyone to use my camera since I don’t feel like I even know how to work it half of the time! I definitely need to start taking my point & shoot to events like that! I hope this is only beginning of our concert memories together…until of course he’s too cool to go to concerts with his mom!

they sang a version of the oooold country song "Lost Highway" & it was so fun! They also sang the Luke Bryan song, "Do I" and "Last Dance with Mary Jane."

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