Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last Sunday, I visited a brand new Wal-Mart and enjoyed it. I only ran in briefly for a gift, but the aisles & aisles of Christmas décor beckoned me to stay longer. I have told multiple people how nice this Wal-Mart was, and honestly, I can’t stop thinking about going back. When did Wal-Mart make it on to my “nice” spectrum?? Wow, it’s amazing how much my perspective has changed!

My windshield got chipped/cracked for the 4th!! time in about 2 months last Friday. I’m fairly sure the people at SafeLite know me when I call now. This happens on my commute to/from work. I’m starting to wonder if there’s such a thing as a faulty windshield.

Claire throws such huge fits that she throws up. This occurs at least once a week. I was literally laughing so hard my stomach hurt on Monday night at her fit. She was kicking her door, throwing books & yelling. When I finally gave up at consoling her & put her in her bed, she threw everything out of it. She cried for a good 45 minutes & when I heard her asking for her water I went in her room to discover the puke. She is so afraid that Grant is getting something she’s not by staying up a little later. How do I put both to bed at the same time when they both only want me????

I want to decorate for Christmas. I’m ready for a tree and all the decorations. Never before have I felt this way, but it’s so much work to get everything out that I think I’d like to enjoy it a little longer!

Last night Grant fell asleep in his bed without me. He then woke up at 3:30 am screaming and crying because he didn’t get to listen to the CD he’d wanted to listen to when he was going to bed. It was in the van & I was not disabling the alarm & going to get it at that time. He WOULD NOT stop crying! I was so wide-awake after it happened, that I probably only got 30 more minutes of sleep. I had to be at work early this morning and now I am EXHAUSTED!

I really need to start planning Claire’s birthday party. It’s only 2 months away & I swore I would not wait until the December this year. I can’t decide where to have it. Since our house is small, I really don’t want to have it there, but a 2 year old’s party is a difficult one to move elsewhere in the winter…suggestions?? I feel like she’s too little for all of the ideas that keep popping into my head.

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  1. i'm so glad you still blog :) blogland is getting lonelier and lonelier...
    i am dying to decorate for christmas too! i'm seriously going to do it this week (all except for our tree b/c jon makes us get a live one). and the fit until throwing up used to do that. my girls will only let me put them to bed too and what i do is read them both a book (they alternate nights to pick out the book) together in mamie's bed, then i make lilly go brush teeth & go potty by herself and get in bed and wait for me while i sing mamie a song and say prayers, and then i go in to lilly. it works pretty well. it was the only thing i could figure out b/c they both insist on me. once we did it a while, it's turned into a pretty good routine and it keeps me from staying in mamie's room b/c she knows lilly has to go to bed too. i'm sure you wanted a 5 paragraph essay comment :) we need to go to lunch or do some lunch time christmas shopping one day! have you been to learning express in cool springs yet?