Monday, November 2, 2009


In the off chance that your not on my email list, I thought I'd post this here too. I entered Claire in the Little Spooks contest over at Courtney's blog. She did her newborn pictures (gasp) almost 2 years ago!! The winner of this contest gets a free session and a 16 x 20 portrait. We would love to win!!!! Anyone that knows me knows I'm obsessed with photography, especially of my children. This would be the best thing to win! So, click on the link below & vote for letter "i" the cutesy chick...pretty please :-)!!! One vote per person & please do it before Friday, Nov. 6! Tell your friends/family/co-workers to vote for her too! I'm a little competitive & I NEED to win this!


She is the cutest, ya know?! More halloween pics to come later, but VOTE now!!

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