Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wilson Co. Fair 2009

We made our annual trip to the fair last week and had a great time. The 1st picture is from right before we left. It was drizzling a little bit & there was a nice big rainbow.
This picture has no significance. I just liked it, however, I'm terrified of ferris wheels!

Grant, being the runt that he is was about a 1/2 inch too short to ride the "big" kid rides. He could ride most of the kiddie ones alone, but really wanted to ride some other ones. He was actually too short for the Fun Slide, but the guy let him on anyway. When they handed him that carpet and struggled up the stairs, I questioned whether I was doing the right thing by letting him do it. Here he is at the top.
He took no chances coming down & kept himself from going fast with his hands. He rode it later on in the night & some random girl carried him up the stairs and they went down next to one another. It made me a nervous wreck, but he went a lot faster!
He was dying to ride swings, but I didn't think they'd have any small ones. He saw these and was super excited. Some big kid got on right behind him & wouldn't quit kicking his swing. It was driving him crazy! That's why he's pointing behind him here.
Claire got in on a little ride action herself!

This was just a photo spot, but I think she thought it was a ride. She didn't want to get up from here. She was holding on tightly and giving us this stern look!
sweet girl loved her some cotton candy!!

and look who we found wandering around at the fair. Grant wanted to meet him, but wasn't too sure about him getting so close.
and the monkey...Did anyone else see this? They called it the banana derby and had these tiny 'monkey jockeys' riding on dogs' backs. The monkeys freak me out. They look like little old men. Grant wanted to have his picture made and for $5 we were in luck! You could give the monkey $1 and he'd give you a postcard. Watching this monkey look for money & running to get a postcard was pretty funny...but freaky!

We enjoyed our time at the fair this year, and look forward to making more memories there for years to come!

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  1. sad we missed it this year :( i'll have to tell you the reason next time i see you...pretty hilarious.
    love all your pictures--claire looks so cute in the rides and you got some FUNNY pictures. the one of grant in the swings is priceless.