Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Roses and a Stinker!

Ring around the rosie

A pocket full of posies

Ashes, Ashes

We all

Fall Down!

Most of the time Grant is too busy trying to irritate his little sister to play with her, so when there's a brief moment of happiness, I do my best to catch it and remember it!!
Is anyone with me on 4 being the most difficult age??? Every conversation is about what he wants, where he wants to go, to eat, etc., etc.... I am worn out. Not only all of that, but hittting is an issue. I am at an impass on how to deal with it. Time outs do not seem to be effective for him, and is spanking really a good way to teach "no hitting?" I need some discipline advice. He only seems to act this way around us. His teachers at church and school say he's great. He can be as sweet as can be, and then he's a little devil. I feel like I'm just banging my head against the wall with everything we've been doing...help..please!

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