Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oreos and Grant

Who does this?! Seriously! If you know me at all, you know I have a bit of an obsession with all things O-R-E-O! My good friend Meleah keeps me stocked when the seasonal Oreos make their debut. Yesterday, she gave me a fresh pack of the new Spring design. I’m not sure if this is fact, but it always seems to me that the seasonal designs have more of that marvelous creamy filling than just plain old Oreos, but less than the Double-Stuffed. For that reason, they tend to be my favorite. That, and let’s face it, they’re just cuter with their colored fillings!

Meleah didn’t know that I decided to start trying to count points (Weight Watchers) again yesterday. I finally weaned Claire a few weeks ago and that extra calorie burn is gone! My eating habits, however, have not changed so I’ve got to do something if I plan to continue wearing my clothes! That’s my battle for the week (or until they’re gone), but I appreciate the thought (& the colored cream) and so does Grant! The picture above is his uneaten Oreo! He asked for one, I obliged and this is what was left! Who eats less than ½ of an Oreo? The self-restraint he must possess at such a young age is astounding! I couldn’t let this portion go to waste but instead of ingesting all 3 points of it; I only licked the cream.

Grant has been quite the character lately. Apparently, he has a knack for memorizing commercials that he sees and he tells me about the products I could have if only I could CALL NOW! He also made me aware of Cash 4 Gold, just in case I needed to turn my gold into cash. I only hope that he doesn’t start telling me about feminine products or male related drugs if you know what I mean!

Saturday night while I was cooking dinner, he told me he wanted to do some “art.” Art to him means cutting up paper, but that’s usually the extent of it. Saturday he somehow procured the tape too, and started taping his little pieces together. Before I knew it, he’d taped something up under our island without me even knowing it. You may not be able to tell what it is, but it’s his name. He taped little pieces of paper together to make letters. I was pretty impressed because I couldn’t even get him to practice writing a few weeks ago, and now he’s writing it and attempting to cut out letters! (I accidentally took a video of the name & deleted the picture I took..sorry!)

A few nights ago when I was giving him a bath, he asked me why I had so many purple polka dots on my face. I really didn’t know I did, but I told him it’s because I’m getting old. I still haven’t figured out exactly what he’s talking about, but if you see purple dots on my face, please point them out to me!


  1. Oreos - yum. I really like the Double Stuf ones. I can't believe that one oreo is 3 points. YIKES!!! I think that I would eat my whole days allowance of points in one day. I love the clip of his name. That is so impressive that he can cut out the letters to his name!

  2. His name is so impressive! Way to go, Grant!

  3. That is so good! It really looked like his name!I can't wait to hear about other commercials he repeats.... :-)

  4. i am going to have to quit reading your blog because it causes me to have obsessive food cravings. commercials are bad enough on me, but you always get me--cupcakes, christmas tree little debbie snacks, oreos...you are a sugary temptress! now i will undoubtedly eat a whole bag of springtime oreos :) grant's name is cute--that looks like a lot of work. lilly also likes to point out lovely things about me. moles, bumps, etc. i can remember loudly telling my mother as she was paying at the grocery store one day that she had hairs in her nose. i thought she was going to kill me.