Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy Days!

We've had a busy few days, thus lots to post about!
Last Thursday night, Grant had his 1st soccer practice. I laughed so hard that I hurt. Let me just say that my child was in his own world. He totally cracked me up. I had told him that his coach’s name was Rusty, so as soon as he got out of the car, he started yelling, “Rusty, oh Rusty,” as he was running toward the field. He was also very excited about his shin guards and kept telling Coach Rusty that he had his shin guards on. The coach would tell the kids to do something and Grant would just do his own thing. There were several times I had to go fetch him when he’d get 50 yards from the rest of the team. He said he liked it, but he really had a solo practice. Hopefully, this week will go better. I don’t really care if he’s any good (but I’m sure his dad does), I would just prefer that he stay with the team and have fun! Three & Four Year Olds playing soccer might be the best entertainment yet. His first game is 4/4, and it ought to be a blast!

Shortly after this, he totally abandoned his ball to go talk to the coach about shin guards!

He was right up in the huddle. See him all bent down?!

Friday, my mom, Grant, Claire and I headed out for a little weekend trip. Friday night we stayed at my aunt’s house in Louisville. Saturday morning, the kids and I got up and drove to Northern KY (think just outside Cincinnati) to visit one of my friends from college and her family. Grant has always been an easy traveler, but, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Claire. She fussed quite a bit in the car, especially every time her raisins or puffs ran out. She also had a really hard time sleeping both nights we were gone. I just hope that all of that will improve before we decide to take an extended vacation to a destination that might be a longer drive!

Saturday, we headed to Totter’s Otterville. I had never heard of it before, but it was so much fun. Grant & Claire both loved it! I wish that it were nearby. There was so much for both of them to do. I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of the day there! Claire got so wet in the water exhibit that I had to strip her down. Here are a few pictures of our 4 kids together. Right now they are ages 4,3,2,1. Pretty much every time we’ve seen each other in the past several years one of us was pregnant, but not this year so I guess there won’t be another to add to this pic anytime soon! We had a great time and look forward to seeing them again. Grant really didn’t want to leave this time, so we’ll have to get together sooner rather than later!

all 4 kiddos together. i think i have 12 pictures, but this is the best one!

And this is what I did ALL DAY Monday.

I ended up taking the day off Monday just to get my house back in working order. You wouldn’t think I could get so far behind in just a few days, but I did. Plus, I was behind before I left. I feel like I’m always behind on chores. Things just pile up, and I think I’ll get to them, but I turn around and it’s a month later and the pile is still there. I hate clutter, so this is very frustrating for me! I had all these things I wanted to get done, but pretty much all I did is unpack, laundry, dusting, picked up toys, and “did” our floors. No grocery store trips, no yard work, no blogging, and no pictures uploaded! What a way to spend a day off, huh?! I’m itching for another one, but doubt there will be one until my little trip in April!

These is just a cute picture of my Claire Bear! She was hiding between the sliding door and the panel on it eating her goldfish.


  1. I love that picture of Grant huddled up with the team! I'm sure that you guys will have a lot to laugh at. I laughed SO hard at Joshua last year playing t-ball and Jason coaching all of those kids.

    I'm with you on the laundry. It is never ending.

    I LOVE that picture of Claire! She is so cute!!!

  2. hilarious post--i was cracking up thinking about grant and his little shin guards! they look so cute out there. i am right there with you when it comes to laundry. i HATE it and always let it pile up! i will even have it washed and folded, but let it sit for WEEKS before i will put it up. adorable picture of claire--she is so precious! plan lunch next week--weds or thurs would work for me(the copper kettle is calling my name)!