Sunday, February 22, 2009

Falling off the Wagon

The blog wagon that is. I miss blogging..I really really do, but it seems that when I have a moment to sit down at the computer ALONE, there are more pressing things to check my email or read other people's blogs. I go through my day thinking, "I could blog about that," but then it never happens. I think I could be pretty interesting, or maybe even funny if I had some spare time. Oh well, I guess that's not really what's important, but I do miss it just in case you wondered.

I have taken like 5 pictures in the last month which is sooo not like me. The casing on my camera has cracked & I am so afraid that it is going to break at any moment that I am limiting my camera use. Totally dumb because if it does break then at least I'll have an excuse to buy a new camera. The only problem is that I want an expensive one!

Anywhoo! Last week, I picked up Claire's 1 year pictures & her panel from the photographer. It is so precious, but it totally cracked me up. I didn't realize how badly her hair had fallen out on the sides. I remember talking about it some, but she seriously had a comb over, and it looked hilarious! She never lost any hair on the top or back of her head, but lost ALOT on the sides. You can't really tell in any of the pictures but the 3 month one. It's amazing how much they change that first year, or even in the first few months. The 3 month pic is so much different from the newborn ones I had done at 2 weeks old.

I hung hers right below Grant's. Since they were done by different photographers, they are a little different, but still similar. The main difference is that Claire's actual images are bigger, so it makes her look like she was a bigger baby...which she was a little, but not by a huge margin. I think they really started looking alike around the 9 mth mark, other than their hair color, of course. I don't know how much you can see of them here, but I added a close up of each one too. For some reason though, I can never click on my actual pictures when I upload them to make them bigger...any pointers here?

It has been a pretty long few days around our house. I took Grant for his follow up ear appt. on Friday and all was good. Tubes are in a great spot, the one ear that was draining had stopped, etc. We went to a birthday party Friday night, and I noticed Grant coughing a few times, but tis the season. Friday night we let Grant sleep with us, and he woke me up barking like a seal. There were a few times that he had a really hard time taking in a breath. Needless to say, we made our way to the dr. 1st thing Saturday morning. They gave him a breathing treatment after some severe fighting from him. The funniest part of this was that he was really throwing a fit. At one point, the nurse & I were both holding him down trying to get the mask on his face, and he starts yelling, "poo poo head, poo poo head." I totally busted out laughing. I've never heard him call anyone that, so I guess he was really mad! We finally subdued him, and he sat in my lap for the treatment. They decided he has croup. His breathing was really bad again on Sat. night, but seems to have improved some now. Hopefully, he will be on the mend for awhile. Claire is picking up the slack with her snotty nose. First thing in the morning 2 days in a row, she has been a sight to see with dried snot all over her face & her hair stuck in it. yuck I know! I'm just hoping she doesn't get croupy again!


  1. Sounds the same as my house . . . Lawton went to the doctor today and has croup. Carolina is getting tubes on Thursday. Poor babies all around!

  2. i'm so glad you guys enjoyed the hot chicken salad.
    i LOVE those year progression pics of your kiddos. that is really, really neat and they look beautiful framed.
    i hope everyone is feeling better soon.
    ps- i have no idea how my pictures do get bigger when clicked on. several friends have asked how to get theirs to do that and i wish i knew. all we could figure out so far is it might be a computer setting not just a blog setting.

  3. the above comment was really me:) i didn't realize i was logged in as my husband.

  4. Having sick kids is no fun! I really hope that they both get to feeling better soon.

    Love your panels! I have to ask how you got your panels to match if you didn't use the same photographer. We used Griggs for the twins' panels, but he more had than doubled his prices by the time that Jackson came along. I hate that his panel is not going to match theirs, but we just couldn't break the bank this time around. I need to frame Jackson's panel. I got 4 pictures with the twins, but figured that I would stop at 3 pictures with Jackson's panel since it was going to be so different anyways.

  5. Poo poo head?!! That really had me laughing. I love it! Glad he's feeling better. We were up with Sophie last night and she was throwing up AGAIN. What's the deal with all this sickness? I am SO ready for spring!