Saturday, February 7, 2009

totally random

i love this picture. as i mentioned in my last 'real' post, claire and i went shopping a few weeks ago because she was in desperate need of new shoes. her feet might be the thickest things you've ever seen. they are as tall as they are wide, so she's hard to fit to say the least. grant lived in pedipeds until he was 2 1/2, and i absolutely love them. they are cute, plus i feel like they're pretty comfortable. so of course, claire has her fair share of thsoe. she was starting to outgrow her first ones so we were on the hunt for some transitional shoes. the above is what we came home with. the 4th pair was actually sophie's, but we're borrowing them for those outfits that you must have brown for since we outgrew our brown ones. a girl can never have too many shoes right?! everyone has already done all of the circus posts, but just for memory's sake we did attend the circus this year. grant has never wanted to go until this year because he says he's scared of clowns. this time when i asked, he said he wasn't scared anymore. thankfully, none of the clowns got too terribly close to us. we had a great time. the elephants and the motorcyclists were my favorite. claire was really into the whole thing too. she watched all of the people so intently, danced to the music, etc.
we really haven't done much else these past few weeks...just hanging out. we're always busy, i'm just not sure with what exactly. claire is my one woman wrecking crew and may put me over the edge very very soon. the kitchen we got her for her birthday may have been a mistake. i don't know how many times per day i can pick up the same fake food. she doesn't play with anything! she just pulls EVERYTHING out and moves on to something else. it's exhausting, but she is in her own little world and has no idea she's putting anyone else out.
i was getting ready to type that grant and claire are really getting along well, playing well, etc. then i heard a myriad of things flying into the hallway just now. when i asked grant what he was doing, he replied throwing things at claire. so maybe it's not as good as i thought. they are getting a little bit easier to manage. i even took them both to home depot & kroger with me today ON PURPOSE and they were good.
claire won't say anything still except for ball, dada, dog, and the occasional mama. she says ball over and over and over again! she also grunts and makes little noises to indicate what she wants all of the time. there's no question that she knows exactly what she wants, and usually it's independence. i am already picturing teenage struggles :-)! it's going to be a wild ride!


  1. I love those shoes!!! A girl can never have too many. It seems like girls need more pairs to fully accessorize their look.

    The circus looks like a lot of fun. Its coming here at the end of the month and I am going back and forth on trying to decide if I want to take the kids.

    I love your new header! I also like your title. Very cute! :)

  2. I'll send Sophie over and she'll clean up after Claire. That is all she's doing here at Lisa's...she's a better housekeeper than me! :-)

  3. I'm more than happy to help you get your blog all finished, if you want. You can email me at and we can go from there:) I love what you have done, though! Very cute!!