Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Rite of Passage?!

...into old age or at least into 'soccer momness.' We are now the official owners of a minivan. We weren't really looking for one, just kind of keeping our eyes open, and we stumbled onto this one. An older couple from our church was selling it, and it happened to be perfect for us!

Since Claire turned 1, and met the weight requirement a few months ago, I turned her carseat around when I moved it into the van. I think she enjoys it, but it's like she now realizes I'm in the car with her. She yells at me ALOT driving down the road. I took both of these pictures while driving so they're not the best.

Grant loves it too. He just thinks he needs to watch a DVD to go across town. I've told him 45 mins. is the min. trip to break out the movies, but we'll see.

This picture is on the way home tonight. Claire had her 1 year pictures done this afternoon, and after all the running away from the camera she did, I guess she was worn out. Notice she has no bow, 1 sock, and no shoes. She got mad and started shedding accessories..cracks me up!


  1. That's so exciting to get a van! I loved the pictures of your kids in the van. They are just so cute.

  2. i may have a little mini-van envy :) they are so easy to get in and out of. that picture of claire made me laugh out loud! mamie is driving me CRAZY lately taking off her shoes and socks, bow, etc every time we get in the car. at least i know it's not just her :)

  3. I knew the mini-van would make it onto the blog! You make a cute soccer mom:)