Friday, January 30, 2009

Craigslist - You Rock!

Can I get a shout out for Craigslist?! Seriously! I posted our “red car” as Grant liked to call it, online last night and had to turn my phone off just so we could go to bed. I sold it this morning to the first person that looked at it. The very same thing happed in Nov of 2007 when we posted Pookie’s good ole red truck. I think I will always try that before taking the serious hit you incur by trading in at a dealership…that is if we ever buy from a dealership again. We’ve had such good luck buying from individuals, that I may have found a new route. My fingers are crossed that we are set on the automobile side for at least a few more years though!

On a funny note, I remember the 1st time someone told me about craigslist and I asked, “Who’s Craig?” Yeah, I’m still blonde and still proud!

I have been so scarce around here lately and I hate it. I have pictures to post from the circus & from our shopping excursion last week. Let’s just say baby girl’s got a new pair of shoes (or 2 or 3!). I still read everyone else’s blogs. I’m just always in a hurry when I’m there, thus the lack of comments.


  1. How exciting! I would have never thought to list (or even look) for a car on Craigslist. I've sold one thing, but I don't think that our market is quite as big as yours.

    I was able to go and look at Claire's pictures. She is SO adorable!!! The pictures look really good. I don't how you are going to pick. I definitely have the itch to go and get more pictures done, but I am trying to wait for the summer.

    I totally had a blonde moment today! I was completely lost and seriously embarrassed when I finally realized it! :)

  2. We sold my Accord on Craigs list in ONE's a crazy thing! Gone are the days of putting a "for sale" sign in your window. God bless the internet!!! Glad you sold the car, that's great!