Monday, January 19, 2009

The Balloons That Won't Die!

Seriously…it’s been 10 days since we had these balloons filled with helium for Claire’s birthday party, and as you can see, they’re still going strong. I’ve never seen a latex balloon last this long. Every time I’ve ever had them filled, I always see little signs that say they should last 8-12 hours, NOT 8-12 days. Pook asked why I hadn’t just popped them & thrown them away, but I can’t do that to a perfectly good balloon for some strange reason. So, for now, they still adorn our entire living area.

Speaking of her birthday again…her one year pictures are online. Click HERE, then click Portraits, then Customers. The Password is our last name. They are ok. She would not stay still for the camera, so that was a huge challenge. Every time I sat her somewhere, she’d just walk away. I’m also not a fan of fake backgrounds. I do love the 2 in black & white at the end! Up until now (except for newborn pics) we’ve pretty much done all outdoor pictures, but the high temp. last Thursday was really low so there was no way to do anything outside. They let school out Friday because of the cold temps if that tells you anything...crazy people. They never did stuff like that when I was in school!

And here's a picture of my pretty princess! haha Yep, that's a snake around her neck. She is such a hoot!
I was super ambitious today & went to the gym & worked out before getting Grant ready for MDO and coming to work. I had the alarm sat for 5:20, but sweet Claire moved that up to 4:50 for me. When it’s warm, my mom & I take the kids to the park almost every day and we walk (or run), but since it’s gotten colder we haven’t been in months! I’m tagging along on Andy’s business trip to Vegas in a few months & decided I need to try to get back in shape before I wear a bathing suit. I’ll still as white as a sheet of paper, but maybe everything won’t jiggle so much :-)!! One can hope! My goal is to go on Mon. & Thurs. because I get to leave the house later on those 2 days because of Mother’s Day Out. I’d also like to go on Saturday, but they always seem so full. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow. It’s been quite sometime since I’ve actually worked out on machines. My poor eyes are also already feeling the effects of getting up so early and it’s only noon! Wish me luck!

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  1. I am a friend of Sunny's, and I only clicked over b/c of your recent blog title!! We have recently had a case of the balloons that won't die too!!

    My son's birthday party was Dec 20 and there was another party in the room adjacent to ours. Theirs finished early and they brought over a few of their helium balloons to give our kids. They were latex, so I figured (like every other latex helium balloon) they would be down in a day or two.

    Well, last Thursday (2 days short of FOUR weeks later) the last one fell. Inside, there was a crystallized layer of the stuff they spray inside to coat the surface, and when my husband popped it, it all crackled into powder!!

    Very cool--just thought it was interesting to see your title! :)
    Have a great week!