Monday, August 25, 2008


I feel like all of my posts are a conglomeration of what actually should be several lately, but I guess that's what it will be as long as I cram everything in to one or two per week. I feel like I should do a fair post since everyone else has. So here are our pics:

on the mini ferris wheel

riding his pony, Midnight

This was actually his 2nd trip of the week to the fair, but I didn't go the first time, so no pictures were taken. Claire went with us, but she just watched everyone until around 8 when she had a breakdown and forced us out the gates.

This picture of Claire and Grant is the first time that I've put Claire in the grass. She may have been in it before, but I hadn't ever seen it. She wasn't as puzzled by it as I thought she'd be, but she did just stay put which isn't normal at all. This is a miracle shot since they're both somewhat smiling and looking at the camera.

One of Claire's new favorite toys is the Pooh airplane. Grant got this from mammy his first Christmas, and we literally just put it up right before Claire was born. We got it back down a few weeks ago for her, and she loves it too. I strongly recommend this toy to anyone with little ones. I haven't seen a Pooh one in a while, but there is a Mickey Mouse one that is very similar.

Claire's name painting came in, and she is very proud of it as you can see!!

One embarrassing moment to record...I mentioned in Claire's 7 month post that she had a double ear infection. As a result of being on antibiotics, she ended up with a yeast infection. Her dr. said just to get her some Monistat. That is not something I would normally run to the store to get, but when you think your child may be uncomfortable you don't think twice. So, I ran down to the local Walgreen's and as I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to be buying, I look over and see our preaching minister like 10 feet from me. Normally, that would be someone I would definitely say hello to, but how do you explain that you're buying yeast medication for you baby? I wasn't sure he'd understand, so I did what anyone would do. I turned my back and did my best to avoid and remain anonymous. My plans to check out in the pharmacy changed and I went, quickly, to the front of the store. It really wasn't that big of a deal, but I'm certain I would've made a lame attempt to explain my purchase which could have ended in even more embarrassment.


  1. The picture of Claire and Grant together is so cute! I love her painting, too! Adorable!

  2. My parents took all 3 of my kids to the fair and they all had a great time. It looks like Grant really enjoyed his time there. That pooh plane is SO cute! I love the picture that you have of Grant and Claire. They are both just so adorable! (I'm also really loving Grant's Tennessee t-shirt.) I love, love, love, Claire's painting. She looks so proud of it! And, that is hilarious about the drugstore. I get so embarrassed when I have to go to "that part" of the store. It is only more embarrassing when you see someone you know!

  3. The real question is "why was he (your preaching minister) in that part of the store?" Hmmmm ....

  4. Riot!! You know he would be thinking, "yeah, right - blame on the kid - everybody blames it on the kids!" hehehe

  5. I would have done the same thing! I've very good at avoiding people I see in stores! :)

  6. Too funny your mom shared with me about the Monistat and Walgreen's. I would have done the same thing.
    I loved Grant saying he was scared to go home and he needed to stay at Dollywood,what a little actor.
    I love that kid.