Monday, August 11, 2008

Claire is 7 months old...and other stuff!

Claire turned 7 months old yesterday. I had planned to post then, but things don't always go as planned as you know! This past month has been full of new things for her. I'm ready for her to slow down just a bit.

Just in this past month, Claire has taken to full fledged crawling. She is EVERYWHERE! I swear she is non stop motion. I do not remember Grant being like this. I cannot put anything near her, or she grabs it and puts it straight in her mouth. She has no fear! She is also pulling up on pretty much anything. She's even trying to pull up on things that roll, which is a little scary for me. She lets go and stands only holding on with one hand and has even tried to go from holding on to one thing to something else that's near her. She is really motivated to get to all of the cool toys that we brought out of storage!

Please disregard the "do" in the above pic. It's getting so long in the front!

Her first bottom tooth made its debut about a week and half ago. She's totally obsessed with this new fixture in her mouth and keeps her tongue right on it. I had her monthly pics made on Saturday, and in every pic, her tongue is right on that tooth! This whole teething thing has not been fun! Grant had teeth we never even knew were coming in, but this girl is a drama queen. Last week was awful. We went 4 nights with almost no sleep, and while the last few nights have been better, they haven't been great. She's waking 3-4 times per night! She's started wanting to eat again 2x's at night, which she hasn't done since she was newborn! It's exhausting, so I'm hoping it ends very very soon! Each time a write a post about her sleeping habits, she totally changes them, so maybe this will be good luck!

Grant and Claire are playing better now. They always want the same toys..go figure! She loves going in brother's room and pulling stuff out. I never imagined a baby could make such a mess so quickly, but this one can! I think she tries to irritate him already, which cracks me up! She grabs his cups every time she sees him with one. I bought her a few new ones and she's doing great with them. She just sucks the water right out. She can even drink out of a straw, which I thought was pretty impressive. I'm pretty sure Grant was over 1 before he mastered that. Claire is just changing so so fast! I feel like she'll be walking around in no time. I cannot believe how fast 7 months has gone by. This is a really fun stage, but it will be SOOOO much better if she ever starts sleeping!!

In other news....We celebrated our 4th anniversary on Thursday, 8-7. The intentions were there to do a special post, but it didn't happen! Maybe next year, haha! The below pic is not from our anniversary, but from my birthday. I just have to post it because I think it's hilarious! This is so us!

My new job is keeping me busy, hence the lack of posts. It's good, just a busier day. I'm going to try to do at least one post a week, but we'll see!

**Updated 8/11/08 afternoon**After over a week with no sleep, I decided to take Claire to the dr. this morning because she's just not right..not sleeping AT ALL, not really eating her food, and just fussy, fussy! Well, it's not without a reason. Both of her ears are infected. Now I feel bad for waiting so long, but she's had a cold (and so do I) and she's teething, so I just figured I'd be wasting my $20. The one time I try and wait it out, and she really is sick...go figure! Hopefully, she'll be back to her cheery self in a day or two!


  1. She is precious!! The 2nd time around seems to fly by. Before you know it they will be 8 & 11:( Congrats on the anniversary.

  2. It sounds like you really have your hands full! She is so cute! I love the picture of her hanging out in her crib with her hair bow.

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    Sorry to hear that she has an ear infection in both ears. Hopefully she will get better quickly and you all can get some sleep. I think that it is the hardest when you know they can sleep through the night and then they don't. It is definitely harder getting up when you have been getting to sleep through the night.

  3. Poor baby! Sounds like you have your hands full! I am trying to cherish this time when I can leave the room and know that Carolina will be in the same spot when I come back. I know it will be over soon! She is a cutie!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Claire is such a cute little butterball! Love those rolls!

  5. I've come to the conclusion {because I have 4 kids} that when you think it's nothing - it's something AND when you think it's something - it's nothing. Going on that, we always go to the doctor . . . . my kids are never sick anymore, hehehe!!!

  6. your Claire has the cutest baby face!!! i mean seriously, how punkin is she!?
    thanks for your sweet comment on moving. i hope your family's plans work out too. God is so faithful!