Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just to post something..

My lack of posts lately has been due to a change in my life, a job change. Tomorrow will start my 4th week at my new job. I don't really want to go into details about the switch other than to say I was very conflicted about leaving, and really I still am. I'm driving further and working longer, and it's tough on me and, I think, my whole family. Everything is still spinning here though. My house may be even dirtier than before, if that's even possible!

Grant continues to be a total mess. He's absolutely obsessed with Taylor Swift. He walks around singing Picture to Burn all of the time, but he calls it that "stupid ole pickup truck song." This is by no means the only song of hers he knows. That's just been his fav for a few weeks. He is really ready to go back to Mother's Day Out, but they don't start back until after Labor Day. In the meantime, he's been spending some of his days hanging out with his cousin Ella, whom he adores!

Claire is amazing us with how fast she is changing. I feel like just a month or so ago, she just laid on the floor. Now, she's sitting up, crawling, pulling up, even trying to let go!, and her first tooth just broke through her gum today. How can all of this happen within like a 6 week time span??? It's making me really sad. On another note, she is sooo hard to get to sleep. We have a good week or so, and then she goes totally back to getting up every night. Right now, she wakes almost every night between 3:30 and 4:30. She is the world's lightest sleeper and every little noise wakes her up. She and Grant are totally opposite in this regard. They are starting to play together some, until Grant decides to body slam her or try to drag her across the floor. I think he's just trying to make sure she knows who's boss. I have a feeling she'll show him who really is boss very very soon!


  1. Amen and then we will have to just let her show him she can stand up to him.
    You are doing a great job as their mom.
    Love, Cindy

  2. do you have a noise machine in her room? we CAN'T LIVE without ours. that is hilarious that grant gets obsessed with songs like that--he is too cute!