Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Last Saturday, the church that Grant where Grant goes to Mother's Day Out hosted a Breakfast with Santa. Claire's 1st meeting with Santa was right before Thanksgiving didn't go so well, and I have the pictures to prove it... just not in digital form. Ever since then, she's been a little obsessed with the jolly ole' guy, and this meeting was much improved.

He first walked around while we were all eating. She wasn't up for smiling, but she went right to him.Grant loves Santa, but he has the goofiest smile, so Santa tickled him to try and get a more "natural" look.

They both wrote letters / drew pictures for Santa to take home with him

Then onto the group photo. Claire wasn't up for smiling still, but would've sat in his lap all day long.

After Grant got up, she stayed in his lap & said, "Look at your belly!" Then she said, "I rub it." Totally cracked me up! Grant had to get a picture with his gf Madi. I heard she wore glitter & lip gloss to parent's night out for him. When I asked him who his girlfriend was, he said it was Madi, because she's so beautiful!

In other news, my little fashion diva thinks it's cool to wear multiple outfits all at one time, usually a gown over clothes & multiple pajama bottoms.

This is what Grant thinks about what she has on :-)


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  1. the picture of claire with all the clothes on--priceless! they are so cute. love the santa pics--she looks so serious. the belly story made me laugh out loud!