Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Attempt at a Christmas Card

Have I ever told you how difficult it is to get a picture of my 2 children close to one another, looking the same direction & maybe kind of smiling?!! I've made several attempts to do this lately trying to get that "perfect" Christmas card picture. Last year, I gave up & used 2 separate ones, but I'm determined not to do that this year. This is just a few of the pictures I took last Saturday on what I swore was my final attempt. I'm still not satisfied, but in the interest of time & frustration, I might be done anyway! You have no idea how many total pictures I took!

This was literally the very 1st picture I took & I should've just quit right here because it's probably one of the best ones. I just hate the way that ribbon is right behind G's head.

so to try & eliminate the bow head I moved them & it was the beginning of the end...

Can you say cheeseball???!

You can't see his hand, but I'm pretty sure he's pinching her.

This is the beginning of unhappiness on Claire's part..

and we move to yet another location...

i thought maybe if she held him down i could get them both to look my direction

but then of course, she got concerned about her hair

or he had to touch his face
for the most part, claire was a little supermodel during all of this. she was striking poses left & right. her brother seems incapable of acting normal for a picture though.

and this is probably my favorite one because it's so their personalities, but the background is so blown out that i don't think it would print very well...figures

and this is after a threat to send cards with only claire on them. i was so over it at this point, i didn't care if they were sitting on the hood of our van!!

hope your christmas card shoots went better than mine :-)!!


  1. Adorable! All of them! They are such cuties.

  2. Those are sweet. I love the lighting in your pictures. I think that getting a Christmas card picture is the most stressful thing.

  3. they are all precious. love the commentary. don't you know how to eliminate the stress of christmas card pictures? ask your friend chesley to come and take them. :)

  4. I am laughing because I am going through the same thing....I have tried 2 times and both were a bust. Good Luck I am sure you will get the "Perfect One!"

  5. I think several of these are great for Christmas cards! I love them all - and I LOVE mine!! :)