Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Gatekeeper & My Birthday Present

this little guy keeps tabs on all the comings & goings to our backyard. he's not the first to hold this post, and judging by the 2 chipped feet (that you can't see), i'm not sure how long he'll last. we'll enjoy him while he's here though.

this lantana grows by my mailbox. i tried for 3 summers to find something that would thrive in full sun in the south, and last year finally had success. this just grows & grows and is drought resistant, which is perfect for those days when i don't feel like dragging the hose all the way down the driveway!

about my present....i bought myself a Canon Rebel XSi for my birthday last month, and i am loving it! i still have LOTS to learn, but everyday i feel a bit more comfortable with it. i'm probably driving everyone i know crazy with it, but i have always had a photography obsession and now it's in full force! i am finding out that having one of these just makes me want more!


  1. Love that little frog....

    I really wanted to get some lantanas this summer, but I never made it out when our guy had them in. I will definitely plant those next year.

    I'm so happy that you got a Digital SLR! I am seriously obsessed with photography, too. Have fun!

  2. When I saw your pictures, I could tell you got a new camera . . . and then you revealed! I'm jealous . . .