Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday, except on Wednesday!


I took all of the pictures, but haven't had time to post this! We've been super busy the past 2 weeks, and I am looking forward to a slooooow down!

So, here's our master bedroom & bathroom since I missed the bathroom post... I am absolutely dying for a new (lighter & brighter) color & bedding, but it took 4 coats of this deep red paint to cover completely & I vowed that I would never ever paint over it. So, hopefully it won't be too big of a turnoff to potential buyers when we decide to sell (soon!). I really loved it, and it's still ok but i like to change things frequently and we'll be at 5 years with this in a few months. That's the longest I've ever kept a room color / bedding the same. We have moved furniture around to accomodate kiddos, changed lamps, pictures, curtains, etc. but I want a total redo! We also ordered our furniture but didn't have it in when we painted this color. I had no idea they would be so close. Our furniture almost blends in too much, but like i said 4 coats later it was not changing!

This is the 1st thing you see when you walk in the room & it's one of my absolute, favorite pics ever. It's from Claire's newborn session with courtney & it's a pic of her head in my hand with the verse Luke 12:7 under it ("even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.") LOVE IT!

across from claire's sweet head when you're walking into the room is my bridal portrait

picture of the mirror, dresser, pics of kiddos, and my one WKU item in the house - the Big Red puppet, which is actually concealing my only Kappa Delta item in the house - a jar with change in it.

and the view on the other side of the room

on the right side of the bed is the armoire - i started to close the doors for the picture which would've looked better, but they are NEVER closed so i figured what's the point. The desk is also on this side of the room now. it used to be in what was our spare bedroom, but claire took that over. i hate having this in the bedroom & is just another reason why i look forward to moving!

on the other side of the room, you find our closet. this used to be just mine alone, but again, when claire came things had to change. it is very difficult sharing a closet now, when i had it totally full myself!

and, the bathroom. picture is looking in from the bedroom.

to the left you have necessary bathroom features. HATE these shower doors! they are the worst things in the world to clean!

you can't really tell in most of these pics, but i painstakingly painted glossy stripes on the bathroom walls....yes, after 4 coats of regular paint, i taped off stripes & then painted with a clear glossy coat for a just a little dimension. I was also pregnant with grant when i did this. i'm not sure what i was thinking!
view from the other side of the bathroom toward the door side.


  1. I'm even later than you -- on a Thursday!

    I love the deep red! I makes the room feel very romatic. The way you've decorated with photos and mirros looks fantastic as well!

  2. Your bedroom is very nice! I love the color and I really like those stripes in your bathroom.

  3. BEAUTIFUL BEDROOM! it's never too late to share, i'm so glad you did!
    ps- if y'all have a third you should totally take food pictures, it cracks me up week after week.