Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 1/2 going on 12!

Seriously...how old is this girl looking now?! At 18 months, she has become extremely concerned with her fashion choices. Last night when I was trying clothes on her, she pranced around and really put on a show. She picked her own shoes out last week at GAP and we weren't shoe shopping! She pointed to them, grunted, took her crocs off and handed them to me and pointed again. She proceeded to put the new shoes on and did not take them off. I decided to buy them since they were pretty cute and she threw a MAJOR fit when I took them off to pay for them. Claire loves her hairbows too. The only reason she's lacking one here is she was straight out of the bathtub, hence the wet hair. She says, "habow, habow" and likes to pick the color herself. I have a feeling the next 17 years or so are going to be interesting since her mama is pretty opinionated too :-)!


  1. That's hilarious . . . because Carolina is obsessed with shoes, too! She has reached for her shoes in her closet since she was about nine months old and loved me trying on some hand-me-down shoes on her the other day to see how they fit. She also threw a fit the yesterday because I wouldn't let her wear her shoes into the pool. And I mean fit! We ended up leaving shortly after . . . all over shoes! I feel ya'!
    Claire is SOOO cute! She does look older with all that hair!

  2. She is so gorgeous!!! Love the story of the shoes. I always give into to Jackson's pleas too.

  3. Too funny! Love that pic and she is looking very old these days!