Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Post for the New Year

Things have been just a little busy around here. I think I remember saying last year that having a baby right after Christmas makes for a very stressful few weeks. I have been in full birthday party mode this week busy getting everything (except my house!) ready for claire's party this weekend. I really wanted to write a "New Year" post, not really with resolutions, but with some goals I hope to accomplish either myself or as a family (potty training anyone?) Maybe I'll aim for next week on that one.

We had a snow day today, although there wasn't much snow. Grant was dying to make a snow angel but since there was very little snow in the grass, he made one on the patio. He wasn't really dressed for it, and he was absolutely freezing after he did!

Just a few pics from a bowling trip we took last Saturday.

Grant insisted on using one certain ball even though it was heavier than some of the others. He probably could've bowled without the ramp had he not been so stubborn....wonder where he gets that!Claire kept everyone in check and sucked down an ICEE while the game was going on. This girl can put away the "slushy" beverages!

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  1. I can't wait to see your pics from Claire's birthday party! You just have to love those bowling shoes. :)