Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Week Later...

When I posted last week, I really meant that I'd upload pictures by the end of last week....not the end of this one! Oh well! Did I mention how busy I feel all of the time?!!! I know all moms have this constant sense of busyness, whether it's actual activity or just your mind going constantly about what you need to get done next. I'm the first to admit that my seemingly endless list of things to do/get done are getting me down and making me tired / crazy! On top of all that we do already, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I added a photography course to the mix back in September. There are only 2 more to go & I've learned so much. Whether my actual techniques have improved is subject to opinion, but at least I know how camera works now. The assignments have added another item to my list of things to do because I'm constantly thinking of what I can photograph for it. I even left my house extra early yesterday hoping to catch the sunrise at the lake...but there was no sunrise to be seen due to all the clouds! I also have a new obsession with lusting over lenses and other gear - it is not healthy! the past few weeks I've literally taken over 1,000 pictures, most of which stink, but sorting through them is the time consuming part. Thankfully, we're not allowed to edit for the class, otherwise I'd be spending even more time doing that! I just thought I'd post a few of them for ya...these are by no means the "best" or even my favorites...just some I liked out of the many many I've taken.

Pumpkins at the Farmer's Market

Have I mentioned that I love fall?? I love it even more now that I've been focusing on taking pictures of it. Everywhere I go I see God's little touches just waiting to be seen & enjoyed. Of course, it's like that all times of the year, but fall is especially beautiful.

How cool is this sky during sunset?!

Several weeks ago, we went to Disney on Ice. Claire is still talking about "Mickey Mouse Dancin'!" I practiced a little using my zoom in low light. I thought this picture of Mickey touching Minnie's shoulder was just precious.

Where my heathens would stay if I let them! Claire has to have EVERYTHING that Grant has! Did I mention she's turned into a drama queen since I posted how adorable this age was?! Crying till she pukes is not uncommon at our house these days!

Grant was playing hide & seek at the park with some other boys & batman(or a kid dressed like him :-). This little seat is underneath the slide. The sun was setting and he looks so sweet!

Every now and then they're sweet to one another ;-)

I know this picture is a little out of focus because Claire was literally running, but I love it. I love the sun flare and the fact that she's actually looking at me. Every picture I take of her is of the back or side of her head!!

and, here's my little model with a black eye strinking a pose.


That's it for today. I'm lucky to even have words typed with these pictures! If anyone wants to let me practice on your kids/family, let me know. I can't promise anything, but I'd love to try!


  1. Those are awesome pictures! I love them all . . . I covet your camera! :)

  2. Pick me! Pick me! You know I'd love to have you practice on Sophie...any time you want! The pics. are amazing, Chesley. You really have a talent for photography.

  3. Please feel free to practice on Cade or Emmy anytime you treat;)

  4. yes, i'd LOVE to "let" you practice on my girls :) mamie has that dress claire has on--so cute! love all your pictures--they are so good! you make me really want to take a class.