Friday, June 12, 2009

The Perfect Accessory

It's not the bow in her hair (that's a little out of whack in this pic) or the ribbon around her waist. No, it's not those sweet white Mary Janes that she's already growing out of. Can you see it?? Look closely at the skirt of the dress. It's a little fuller than normal, and why is it darker underneath?
Yes, it's every girl's perfect church accessory - a HOT PINK TUTU!

Just so you know, I did slip this off as we were heading out the door. When I opened Claire's closet last Sunday to pick something for her to wear out of the never ending row of dresses, she immediately spotted her tutu. I handed it to her, and proceeded to dress her for church. But, that did not satisfy her! She wanted it on, and quickly. She paraded around in it until we were walking out the door, and i'm not even certain she realized I was taking it off. As rough, tough, and flat out wild as she can be, I'm so glad she has this girly side too :-)!



  1. I love that post! OMGOSH - where did you get it?? And those shoes! I totally would have let her wear it - even at church! haha

  2. Everyone talks of this plaid rabbit - Franklin, right?? That I should sell my art in there! I've got to go check this joint out!!!

  3. I love that dress! The tutu is so cute!!!

  4. LOL Too funny! She's precious!

  5. That is adorable! She is so cute!
    What a cute blog and family you have!!