Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 1/2 year Claire!

written yesterday 7/10/08

Claire is 6 months old today! I don't have all of her "stats" right now, but I did get on the scale with her yesterday and she's darn close to 17 lbs. I think she's slowing down her chubber ways, but I haven't had many agree with me yet! I love all of her rolls so I'm not complaining a bit. I'm not taking her to the dr. until 7/28 so it will be a few weeks on her official weight & length measurements.

Claire responds to her name now and also all of the silly little names we call her: Claire Belle, Claire Bear, Sissom, Sister, and so on. Grant started the sissom thing, that's what I call her most.

She started sitting up some time ago, but is really steady now...until she sees something she wants and literally dives for it. I kid you not, she has like 4 bruises on her forehead from doing this, and today is picture day..nice! She can also get to a sitting position from laying down now. I go into her room to pick her up and lots of times she's sitting there waiting for me.

She has started sticking her tongue out and blowing..I'm sure there's a name for it, but it escapes me..ya know kind of like a zerbert or something. I don't know if she just figured this out or if it's just now possible because she can actually move her tongue. Either way, it's funny!

She is also trying to drink out of a sippy cup. She gets so excited when she sees Grant's cups, so I bought her a little one with handles and she is actually getting a little water out of it. Her face when she gets too big of a gulp is priceless. She is still loving her baby food at dinner time. We've ventured into veggies now and she's yet to find one she doesn't like!

My little booger is pretty much crawling. It's not a fluid, on all 4's, motion yet, but she can get wherever she wants to go. She's kind of like an inch worm. She gets on all 4's, and then propels her self forward and then starts over. She also rolls all over the place. We're going to be in trouble very very soon. This child is into everything!! See the pics below for a step by step just this morning. She is also obsessed with tags! Notice on the last picture, she got to the toy and all she's looking at is the tag.

I see something I want!

On her way!

Got it!

Now, let me see that tag.

Claire is very attached to her momma. When I'm at home at night and trying to accomplish things around the house, she cries every time I walk into the room or by her and don't pick her up. She is really reaching for me now and she will turn away from most anyone that tries to take her from me. After our trip last week and being with her several days, my left arm felt like it was going to fall off from holding her so much!

She is starting to look more and more like Grant I think. I only wish she had all the little curls he had when his hair started getting longer. She and big brother still aren't getting along all that great. Just last night, he told me he was mad at her all of the time....what to do?! I'm sure it will all pass eventually, when he realizes she really is here to stay!

Finally..she is sleeping through the night most nights. I have actually had to get up the past 3 nights with her, but this was the first time in several weeks.

Claire Belle, you are a sweetie. I can already see your strong personality shining through. We can all tell that you'll never be afraid to tell someone what you want..kind of like your momma! I can't believe 6 months has already come and gone, but I also struggle to remember our house without you in it. We can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store for you!!


  1. how sweet! she is really moving around a lot to be so little! when she can start playing more with grant and following him around, i bet he'll come around. :) she's a cutie!

  2. I can't BELIEVE she is already getting around. What an absolute doll!

  3. Claire seems like such a precious little girl. She definitely seems determined with her crawling. I love the picture of her looking at the tag - it is too cute. It seems like Jack always gets a bruise or some weird thing on his head right about picture time too. That is great that she is drinking out of a cup! I can't get Jack to take one at all! She is so cute! I loved reading her updates!